Oak Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-Fold Doors open up your living space to enhance other internal and external areas, creating extended open spaces between rooms and the great outdoors.

Our range of Oak Bi-Fold doors are available as Inward or Outward opening products to optimum U-Values of 0.7 w/m2k & 54 DB ratings.  

The soft honey glow of clear faced Oak can be reflected in the versatile product range which comes in comprehensive configurations to suit their location. 

These can also be manufactured for internal locations where walls and living spaces require division or privacy.

Oak Bi-Fold Doors

Impressive, clear-faced Oak Doors with a luxury finish

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Oak Bi-fold Doors

Our range of high performance and stylish Oak Bi-Fold Doors achieve a U-Value of 0.7W/m2K and a DB of 54.  They are available in a number of configurations and are compatible with our Contemporary, Premium & Designer Oak ranges.

This range is ideal where living space meets the great outdoors or where rooms or spaces are divided.

Primarily all units of the system slide to one side or can be split in the middle folding equally to either side. Alternatively they can be supplied with a lead door for day to day use with the balance folding to the opposite side. 

The outward opening solution ensures no conflict with internal living space.

An inward opening multi-functional door system enables you to use the lead door for ventilation and access whilst the balance of the system neatly stacks on the opposite side. 

Solar control glass , blinds within the glass etc are all available.

All products and production are subject to continuous development. The company reserves the right to amend details and sizes without notice

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