Double & Triple Glazed Solutions

Technological advances in the manufacture and configuration of both double and triple glazed units has enabled windows & doors to achieve significant improvements in performance.  The specification of each configuration has become a science in itself.  Our fully integrated supply chain gives the best of technical support thus enabling optimum performance.

Sealed Glazing Units

Glazing units within our products come in various configurations depending on the required specification. 

  • Standard Double Glazed Units
  • Triple Glazed Units
  • Soft Coat Low ‘E’ Argon filled on all Double & Triple glazed Units as standard
  • High Specification Solar Control able to control both heat and light
  • Bioclean Self Cleaning Glass
  • Integral Blinds within both double and triple insulated glazed units
  • Decorative Units (including Georgian and Leaded)
  • Laminated glasses to comply with Secure by Design & enhance acoustic performance

Warm Edge

Warm Edge Spacer bars are incorporated within all of these glazing options covering u values as low as 0.5 W/m2K & acoustic ratings as high as 55db

  • Warm edge spacers reduce condensation by up to 70% virtually eliminating the potential breeding ground for mould growth & bacteria 
  • Windows and glazing panes fitted with Warm Edge Spacer have a warmer internal edge temperature of up to 65% reducing heat loss through the edge of the glass
  • Sealed units featuring Super Spacer have been proven to reduce transmission by up to 2db
  • Super Spacer is up to 950 times less conductive than standard aluminium spacer, blocking thermal bridging from the outside surface

Overall U-values and performance are dictated by the combination of glazing specification with the sections, gasketing & ironmongery of the timber and aluminium structure into which it is fitted e.g. Standard to Passive.

Fire Glass

There is an increasing demand for the use of Fire Resistant Glass configured in double glazed units to give both internal resistance & external protection which enhances u values & acoustic performance. With the use of progressive Fire glasses we can offer products which achieve 30 minutes integrity through to 60 minutes integrity / 60 minutes insulation.

Insulated glazing units with Integral Blinds

Another area of increasing demand is for a blind within the insulated sealed unit. This is operated externally allowing the blind to rise, fall & tilt but with all the advantages of no dust or dirt, reduced sun damage, clear sills, easier opening windows suitable for any external or internal façade and improved privacy.

Double & Triple Glazed Spandrel Panels

To complete the external elevation of your project we can uniquely offer double & triple glazed Spandrel Panels to totally conceal internal structures or services.  These are offered in a wide range of RAL colours.

For further details on how our glazing options can enhance your project contact our technical department on 0141 958 0444.