Paint Finishes & Coatings

Advanced Protection Technology

Timber products in an exterior location require the highest protection from the elements as well as a beautiful finish. Russell Timber Technology sources a clear and pigmented coating system developed in Scandinavia by an international team of specialist chemists which has performed in the harsh climatic conditions of Norway and Sweden for over 30 years. The range offers enhanced light fastness, good body and an even surface. Stains and pigments have been engineered using high technology resins that breathe and flex with the timber. Coatings are environmentally friendly, water-based formulations with low odour and no solvents. Paints are applied using electrostatic wrap around robotic technology giving optimum protection whilst reducing waste.

Our products are supplied fully factory finished with premium waterborne opaque paints and translucent stains, applied by the latest electrostatic automatic technology. This offers protection and extends maintenance periods. The paint coatings we use are developed to ensure the timber is protected against damaging UV light. The coatings adhere tightly to the timber and remain flexible so they retain their ability to accommodate small natural movement in the wood without cracking.