Supply Only or Supply & Install

Outstanding Service & Support

Doors and windows don’t exist independently. They are specified, designed and made for specific openings and performance criteria. They belong in specific buildings in specific locations.

Correct installation is important for long term performance and durability. Products are designed, specified and manufactured to give lifelong trouble free performance.

Our service includes Supply Only or Supply & Install. Some customers want supply only. But that doesn't mean they want it without service and support. We don't walk away as soon as the product is delivered. Our Supply Only package includes comprehensive technical support, training and installation guidelines plus a maintenance and repair service to ensure trouble-free lifelong performance, giving house builders and contractors total reassurance and peace of mind.

But we also offer customers a Supply & Install option using our own team of highly trained installers. We understand you want perfectly installed doors and windows that look and perform to the highest standards.

By manufacturing and installing for you, or advising and training your own people to these high standards, we minimise the hassle, headache and cost for you.

Whether you choose Supply Only or Supply & Install, we promise to deliver your doors and windows to the agreed specification. And if it isn’t right, we fix it. No question, no quibble. It’s our job to support customers from start to finish. And it doesn't end with installation. Register your windows and doors on our Total Traceability Database and we can help you extend their expected lifespan for decades.

All our products arrive on site in protective wrapping to avoid potential damage before installation - are clearly labelled with the project name, product specification and product coding. The product coding allows the window or door to be tracked on our database.