Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Taking Care Of Our Environment & Community

From the very beginning, in 1888, Russell Timber has been passionate about wood. John A Russell,great great grandfather of the current Managing Director, gave his name to our family run business, which has evolved from contracting and creating joinery to the current business of designing, manufacturing, supplying and installing technically advanced, high performance windows and doors. Our comprehensive range of Timber and Alu-clad products set the benchmark for energy efficiency, sustainability, quality and durability.

Timber is the only building material with a positive impact on the environment. Trees keep our planet healthy. They absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen to contribute positively towards the atmosphere and moderate climate change.

It is vital that we manage our forests for future generations. In managed forests, more trees are planted than are used to meet tomorrows needs for production. Managed forests avoid deforestation and maintain a sustainable supply. Timber processing is low in energy consumption and has no toxic or negative side effects.

Our doors and windows are made from close-grained quality, knot-free laminated Redwood from Northern Europe and the Baltics or from the best quality hardwood. Slow growing Redwoods and slower growing Hardwoods are renowned for giving long term trouble free performance.  Laminated Redwoods and Hardwoods are engineered to produce stable, durable, long life materials which are ideal for windows and doors.

Full Chain of Custody

Russell Timber Technology offers sustainable, fully certified timber windows and doors with a 35 years plus lifespan. With planned maintenance and due care and attention, they will last the lifetime of a modern building. Our complete range uses timber from managed forests with Full Chain of Custody certified to FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council® certification), PEFC™ (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and BM TRADA Forest Products. Certification, which is based on regular audits of our manufacturing processes and systems, assures our customers of the complete traceability of our products through production and back to the managed forests they come from. In other words, the sustainable raw material timber we put in is the same sustainable timber as in the finished product - no materials are introduced or substituted in the manufacturing process. This is known as a Full Chain of Custody.

It is our policy to strive for continuous improvement of our processes and products so that they meet or exceed all relevant environmental regulations.

Paint Finishes & Coatings

Timber products in an exterior location require the highest protection from the elements as well as a beautiful finish. Russell Timber Technology sources a clear and pigmented coating system developed in Scandinavia by an international team of specialist chemists which has performed in the harsh climatic conditions of Norway and Sweden for over 30 years. The range offers enhanced light fastness, good body and an even surface. Stains and pigments have been engineered using high technology resins that breathe and flex with the timber. Coatings are environmentally friendly, water-based formulations with low odour and no solvents. Paints are applied using electrostatic wrap around robotic technology giving optimum protection whilst reducing waste.

Our products are supplied fully factory finished with premium waterborne opaque paints and translucent stains, applied by the latest electrostatic automatic technology. This offers protection and extends maintenance periods. The paint coatings we use are developed to ensure the timber is protected against damaging UV light. The coatings adhere tightly to the timber and remain flexible so they retain their ability to accommodate small natural movement in the wood without cracking.

Recycling & Waste Management

Timber is a natural material with inherent strength and great beauty lending itself to multiple uses in the construction of buildings.  It is easy to maintain and repair. At the end of a long and useful life timber is readily recycled. It is bio-degradable and can be used as alternative fuel. 97% of our timber waste is recycled and the remaining 3% is used for energy fuel (heating).

All our products are delivered to site fully finished. Site waste is therefore kept to the minimum eg cling film packaging and pallets.

Energy Management

Russell Timber is committed to continuous reduction of energy consumption in manufacturing and minimising haulage emissions. Power usage in manufacturing is reduced with 'soft starts' - staggering production hours through breaks. Low energy LED lighting is installed throughout our premises. Waste product is recycled for heating purposes.

Deliveries are co-ordinated so products are packaged and transported vertically rather than horizontally, ensuring all trailers are full and space is utilised to the maximum. Returning lorries are also loaded for maximum utilisation. All lorries comply with the latest Euro 5 emissions requirements.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We understand the importance of continuous development of our staff and welcome apprentices in our work place. Regular training and support is offered to all staff. We recruit and identify new skills to benefit and develop our growing business. The company is also aware of its responsibility to the local community through both employment and environmental issues eg. no emission to air or water.

View our BM TRADA ISO 14001 2004 Certificate - Environmental Management and our BM TRADA ISO 9001 2008 Certificate - Quality Management in Accreditations