Total Traceability

Unique Product Coding System

We engineer our products to excel in extreme British weathers and for regular lifelong use in the buildings for which they are specified. With care and appropriate maintenance Russell Timber windows and doors will look good and last for decades. But accidents happen. Whether in individual houses, tower blocks or city apartments those charged with maintenance have to repair or replace components easily and quickly. Sometimes the original paperwork has been mislaid, making it hard for facilities managers, social landlords, contractors or end clients to reorder and fix the problem quickly to the resident's satisfaction.

That’s no longer a problem. Russell Timber’s solution is our Total Traceability Database. First, every door and window and every component in them is uniquely coded. We maintain a detailed database showing exactly where every one of your doors and windows has been installed, provided you register the actual address with us, not just the Plot number. We can tell you down to the level of individual components in each door and window where they have been installed and what floor and what side of the building so identification and reordering is fast, simple and hassle free.

Russell Timber Technology customers can sleep easier knowing they have the backup of our Total Traceability system.