Nordic Plus: ‘Equal Or Better’ Policy

Engineered To Excel

Russell Timber’s policy is to supply equal or better quality products than any benchmark in the market. The policy is expressed in Russell’s 'Engineered to Excel' statement.

Sustainability, environmental impact, exposure to the elements, security, energy efficiency, acoustic and fire rated performance together with longevity, are all high priorities for us and our customers. Russell Timber aims to excel in each.

Our customers also need excellent and reliable service and support to help them achieve their objectives. We believe Russell Timber sets new standards in each of the five key areas that do this:

  1. Added Value Advisory Service: Russell Timber’s experience and expertise in product development, product design and installation is a good starting point to review the specifications for each project. We start by asking if there is a better design solution to improve performance at lower cost while meeting specification.​

  2. Great Products Correctly Installed: We understand that customers want perfectly installed windows and doors that look and perform to the highest standards and give customers the solution appropriate for them.  Many will want to install products themselves or use their own fitters, and we supply comprehensive installation and trouble shooting information. Alternatively you may want our directly employed installers to train your sub contractor/ maintenance team.  We also offer our customers the option to install our doors and windows using our own team of highly trained installers. Whether manufacturing and installing or training and advising your own people to these high standards, we aim to minimise any unforeseen hassle and cost for you.

  3. Supply Only Package: We understand some customers want supply only. But that doesn't mean without service and support. We don't walk away as soon as the product is delivered. Our supply only package includes comprehensive technical support, training and installation guidelines and a maintenance and repair service to ensure trouble free lifelong performance, giving customers reassurance and peace of mind.

  4. Technical Expertise Throughout Your Project: On-site demonstrations and training, site survey assistance, local and head office support, architects, specifiers, house builders and contractors benefit from the complete package.​

  5. Total Traceability Database: Each of our products and the parts within them are uniquely coded and logged. So, if in years to come, your product is damaged then it can easily and quickly be identified for reorder and replacement. All our products and the components of our windows and doors are clearly labelled with a project number and product specification so when they are delivered, there is no margin for error.